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Anatoly Mishukov

Anatoly Mishukov cars, an electrician at one of Moscow airports, 'sick' with children. However, the queue for Lada quench. Dreaming about your own car, he even tried to construct. But still he did not like. After reading piles of books and magazines, Anatoly finally found what he so long sought. Sophisticated layout involves the use […]

Fuel Pump Stands

Business – it is a business game. It is like losing and winning. Currently, many enterprises tend to be the first. Particularly brutal fight in this particular industry. There is no loser way forward. They remain at the bottom. In the competitive business trying to use all the methods: both legal and illegal. It is […]

Fundamentals Of Driving And Road Safety

Fundamentals of driving and traffic safety issue 10.10. How to drive a vehicle in traffic following the car-leader? Response. The primary measure of safety when driving at leader is the choice of the distance. It should be increased in the following cases: wet, slippery road. for large dimensions of the vehicle's leader when visibility severely […]