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Fundamentals Of Driving And Road Safety

Fundamentals of driving and traffic safety issue 10.10. How to drive a vehicle in traffic following the car-leader? Response. The primary measure of safety when driving at leader is the choice of the distance. It should be increased in the following cases: wet, slippery road. for large dimensions of the vehicle's leader when visibility severely limited. in the dark. during fatigue driver. as well as in places where the deceleration increases the likelihood of the leader (at intersections, crosswalks, railroad crossings, tramway, before the corner).

Question 10.11. How can I safely drive a car when passing obstacles? Answer: comply with the rules of the preferential right to movement; advance include the turn signal and reconstructed on the appropriate traffic lane; exercise extreme caution when passing just stopped vehicle. Make sure that this maneuver will not cause obstruction or danger to other road users: consider when passing dynamic passage of the vehicle and its increase in the corners. Question 10.12. What you should pay special attention when driving in traffic? Response.

When driving in the traffic flow should closely monitor the "Stop-Segal" car-leader. Question 10.13. What safety measures should provide a driver for passing oncoming on narrow stretches of road? Answer: comply with the rules of the preferential right to movement; safe interval chosen taking into account dynamic and corridors of the oncoming vehicle, and the influence of the vortex flow of air vehicles: reduce speed, especially on slippery roads at the junction with large vehicles, a very narrow sections and tight turns.