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Studying Decoration

The study of decoration, has currently become an excellent choice both profitable and fun, in addition to being a career can become a way of life. People wishing to begin studies of the decoration must have certain capabilities such as creativity, organization of spaces, a wide knowledge of trends, fashion, colour and location, without comment on the good taste for the location of the decorative aspects. The study of decoration or interior design is based on the correct location of decorative elements in order to take advantage of each space, also taking into account factors such as the site and contemporary fashion, so again a space rustic or normal in a comfortable space. As every race course is not simple; who study it already have to be in a constant development with regard to the topic of design, tastes and trends which are rotating; This is a factor important and difficult since a changing environment, it is also the main development and correct workpiece performance in the race. A person who studies decoration is qualified to perform successfully in areas such as: 1. Design in the labour, industrial, hotel, housing and banking sectors. 2. Also on the advice on the construction of new occupational trends.

3 Exercise teaching regarding the decorative theme. 4 Contribute in the search for new materials and textures for spaces such as Office or a classroom decoration. In if the occupational profile of someone who studied decoration is mimic contemporary aspects, focusing them in environments such as those already mentioned, in order to create a source of relaxation and environments of housing or labour more conditioned and enjoyable, to get up to the creativity and visual stimulation. Currently decoration it is presenting as a method of relaxation increasingly more, since the use of spaces can properly bring visual comfort and helps the desestres in a large percentage. reas of the decoration as the Interior adequacy and location of sources, plants and art rustic textured open road as decoration methods most used currently, these have as peculiarity which come increasingly from materials more natural and less used the artificial. The study of decoration today is this guiding the path of conservation, to think increasingly more in the reuse of non biodegradable materials such as plastic and even more the use of plants as the main component of all decorations. The decoration is shown as a reflection of contemporary life, since our society is based on new forms and trends when it comes to sites such as the home or the Office, it is very likely that decoration is established as a singular image of life in the future and maybe more the beginning of a visual sample is of what can come in terms of establishing spaces and new options in terms of decoration refers to give cavity to ways that we never imagined. Original author and source of the article