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Sixth Disposition Warranties

1. Delimitation of the topic When it comes to guarantees we can refer to: a) Constitutional guarantees, which are set out in Article 200 of the Political Constitution of 1993 and are: Action of habeas corpus, amparo, Action Habeas Data, of unconstitutionality, Popular Action and Action Compliance, 2) Procedural Safeguards which are mainly clustered in Article 139 of the Constitution of the State 1993, 3) Guarantees of professional law that are enshrined in the Preliminary Title of the Peruvian Penal Code of 1991, and 4) guarantees that are established and regulated to ensure compliance with a mutual agreement, a credit agreement entered into with a company of the Financial System of an installment sales contract, the return of a for instance when we had a lease on a vehicle or other obligation example to comply with the agreement in a contract of supply. In the fourth group of security are the security rights among which we mention the mortgage and the pledge (now repealed are the Peruvian law regulating the garments under the Sixth Disposition of Security Interest Act contained in Law 28,677 published in the Official Journal El Peruano on 01/03/2006), and other guarantees as the contract of guarantee, the letter of guarantee and the contract Guarantee Trust.. .