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Here we bring you a collection of home remedies for cold sores more effective have been found: bags of ice: apply ice on the painful wounds bags usually bring a beneficial effect, since they give immediate relief, must apply several times a day, especially when the pain becomes unbearable, you must stay 20 minutes so that the effect is greater. Chamomile teabags: humidifies an infusion of Chamomile tea bag, wring it out and lightly pressing the lesion with chamomile Besides providing relief, is believed to help speed up the healing process. Honey: excellent lubricant, so it helps a lot to relieve the pain of blisters on the lips, especially when this is constantly rubbing with opposite lip. It is important not to swallow the honey directly from the affected lip, since you can catch the virus with the language. The honey bee also possesses the property of accelerate the healing. Washes of water and salt: mix a tablespoon of salt in a pint of water with this solution You can wash the wound, be very careful not to do it with a cloth or hands, the correct way to perform this type of washing is by dropping the water splashing over the wound, taking only water contact. Flour: Apply a thin layer of flour onto the wound decreases pain, since it prevents the wound may be exposed causing painful sensations before the cool or wet weather.

Apply it as if it were a talc, especially when you’re resting at home to avoid walking in the street with flour on the lips. Popular culture provides us with even more home remedies for cold sores, but those listed are the most effective and are made with ingredients found often in our House, so there is no excuse to withstand the terrible pains of herpes. Discover how you can eliminate outbreaks of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very curious method by clicking here. Original author and source of the article.