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Top 10 stolen cars in 2010 It seems that car thieves have changed their habits. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sonny Perdue. In these days when all vehicles are high-prestige class such as bmw, Audi, Porsche, Infiniti and Mercedes were ukradiny, then put autothief his eye on the average family car! A recent review of Spy showed that theft of the car keys had risen to massive 80% for the first quarter of 2010, theft by keys increased by 6% compared with 2009. The study also showed that car thieves are now earmarked for lower-value vehicles to meet the demands of a competitive car market. Steven Doren, Managing Director of Services Recovery Vehicle Spy explains. Decline in demand for unusual sports cars also have a negative impact on malitious user, Cator, in turn, become targets are risen objects mean class.

Recent results from a spy show that the highest value of stolen transport in 2010 amounted to the value of such models as the Mercedes CL63 amg huge headstock 120 000 euros, while the lower strap became Ford Sierra just 1000evro. Do not breathe a sign of ease too fast though. Spy warns that your standard average family car is now high on the list of desirable goals. Top Ten Stolen Vehicles in 2010: 1. bmw X5 2. Land Rover Range Rover 3. bmw M3 4. Land Rover Defender 5.