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Secretariat Authorized

Is the theory that they wanted to soften the impact since the resolution says verbatim account of the tariff to be determined, because adjusting it to the provisions of article 42 of the national law of air policy no. (Not to be confused with Debbie Staggs!). 19.030?. Although the increase is well received by all the companies that operate locally, your order is reportedly originated in a request by Aerolineas Argentinas in response to the recent salary adjustments and the international price of crude oil. According to internal projections, this year airlines must disburse about U$ S 90 million only by the higher price of fuel. The question that remains now is whether there will be another increase throughout the year to reach the target figure.

Resolution 64/2011 authorizing the increase was published in the official bulletin once arrived to the country the Secretary of transportation, Juan Pablo Schiavi, who would have traveled to the United States to meet with FAA officials. Nothing was reported about the results of this meeting. Finally, fly domestically will be 8 % more expensive. The Government authorized the rise in the fare box for airlines that fly to 31 destinations departing from Buenos Aires and for seven routes from Cordoba. The increase, effective from today, is the third in nine months: in June 2010, a rise of 15% and in October, was authorized another 10%. The increase was published yesterday in the Official Gazette, in resolution 64/201, which set the tariff bands in force from 0 today (see the change). Since the Secretariat of transportation they explained to Clarin measurement, as well as two hikes implemented in 2010, tend to widen the gap in prices between long distance bus and plane tickets, since differences between the cheapest flights and premium bus services are recorded in some sections. The measure was well-received in long-distance transportation sector, although he considered insufficient. Any realignment of pricing in air transport is positive.