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Sauna Culture

The sauna in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark has a long tradition. The sauna belongs here more or less to the basic equipment of a House. In the Scandinavian countries, the sauna has a long tradition, if a sauna is located in Finland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark, in almost every home. Holiday homes and apartments in Scandinavia found a corresponding sauna often. Luxury holiday homes in addition to the sauna also often have a pool, Jacuzzi and relaxation areas.

Holidaymakers should keep hiring these houses costs at a glance. In addition to the holiday house rental, a non-negligible proportion of costs is often in addition to pay. A wide selection of luxury holiday homes with sauna and pool find tourists in Denmark. The sauna is now also standard features of most hotels, not only in Scandinavia, but throughout Europe. Just Spa – and wellness hotels offer often sauna world, which then usually consist of dry sauna, bio sauna, steam bath and hot air bath. In addition, modern waiting This Spa Hotel with additional beauty and wellness treatments and spacious bath landscapes on. Basically, you should shower before the first sauna and dry thoroughly. The skin should be dry, sweat is not delayed.

In a sauna, the heat is distributed unevenly, the temperature is lowest on the lower bench and on the top bench, the temperature is highest. Therefore, you should choose the lower bank at the beginning of the sauna gangs and the body slowly get used to the temperature. Saunas should be between 8-15 minutes. After each sauna session you should cool down first in the fresh air and only then cold shower or cool off in the pool. Then it is necessary to insert a silent period lasting at least 15 minutes before starting the next sauna session. Overall recommend three sessions. The wind chill temperature in the sauna can be increased through an infusion. Here, water is poured over the heated stones surrounding the heater. This leads to an increase in short-term Air humidity. The steam bath is a variant of the sauna. Lower temperatures and higher humidity prevail in a steam bath. The Romans called these baths Caldarium, the Turkish Hammam and the Russian Banya. In addition to the home sauna, there are public bathrooms, which often look back on a centuries-old tradition in Europe. Just Romans and Turks built always public bathhouses with saunas and steam baths after the conquest and occupation of foreign territories. So for example in Hungary, which occupied a long time by the Turks, are today still bathhouses of the Turks time. You will find beautiful baths in the Hungarian cities of Budapest and Eger.