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Romero Juarez

The eightfold Noble path includes the three major areas of spiritual practice: 1.-ethics or virtue, 2.-the wisdom or knowledge, 3.-meditation or cultivation of the illumined mind. We are connected with the kosmos, that everything what surrounds us leads us to be better people, human beings, committed with ourselves and everything around us, that universal love emanates from the inside of us and do not have limits, that we can achieve a significant change in ourselves, in society and in our world. I am a being of love that I can love me, and love others, which have the potential to achieve change and that only depends on the decisions we make. More information is housed here: Sonny Perdue. I realized the enormous capacity to love, if love me myself, and thus be able to love my family, my teammates, and to all beings, have changed my relationships with my family, because as expressed once in a face-to-face session, nobody had trained me to be a father, live in a militarized form I have learned to be a child, if child, do enjoy the childhood for my children to be in the games, study time, in moments that we need to be not only father, but with that you can trust a friend and because not be complicit in some mischief, this mastery that has left me more is to be a human being in the entire expression of the word. I would like to conclude with a poetry that has a lot of truth written by an Aztec Emperor, that the consciousness of the kosmos already existed with great importance, since those years this poetry had the opportunity to share in the V Congreso Mexicano de education holistic: my brother man Netzahualcoyotl love Mockingbird singing bird of four hundred voices, I love the color of jade and the enervating perfume of flowers, but more love to my brother: man. HOLISTIC EDUCATION; PEDAGOGY of UNIVERSAL love by Oscar a. Romero Juarez.