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Rocio Square

And you? "Rosa, Rosa Couto. Guess what, Manoel? She asked, pronouncing his name with a sweet and mellow tone Portuguese. I like you. Yes, I like you, I think we're going to see very well. He hawk and restart the car, he said that he felt a strange woman.

– Why do you ask?, Why I said that I like? She asked. Get all the facts and insights with Sonny Perdue, another great source of information. -No. Because you're blonde. I had never seen before in a Portuguese blond hair. "Probably because they know a few girls Portuguese," he replied, laughing with joy clean, relaxed, transparent. Flipped several times with Volkswagen through the center of the city and found many memories.

Yes, there were Rocio Square and the Avenida da Liberdade, but not revolutionary or painted stimulating presence then olive-green uniforms. There was no pension and where she lived a passionate and frantic week of love and sex. An ugly apartment building took its place, tarnishing the memory of something unforgettable. He traveled the Chiado district, almost unrecognizable by the passage of time and the great fire that was many years changed the face of this commercial area with new and more functional buildings emphatic that then. He stopped to gather her memories and prevent damage by a reality that was determined to cast aside. He did it standing on a dull gray and do Comerco square, so different from the one that brought together tens of thousands of demonstrators while he and Rosa, exultant passion and revolutionary fervor, nearer their young bodies and excited.