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River Jordo

Jesus taught in them to search the God in first place and the too much things would be added in them. Soon, we have against the doctrine of the prosperity two great norms established for God: ) Not to love wealth b) Searching the Mr. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Emmanuel Faber. in first place Another point to be observed is that the blessing of God arrives in them of gratuitous form, without no payment, not having It delegated the power of sales to no shepherd, priest or prophet. They see in II Kings, 5:1 to the 27 the history of called commander Naam who was leprous. E, consulted to a prophet of God, ordered it to this to dive 7 times in the River Jordo. After to be clean and I free of the disease, spoke to the prophet to accept a gift as gratitude. In reply, Elizeu prophet said to it: ' ' so certain as you lives, in whose presence I am, not aceitarei' '.

Then the commander if was and a young man who walked with the prophet ran behind its car and lying on behalf of Eliseu, he said to it to want what he had been offered to it. As the Spirit of God was on the prophet, this saw the occurrence all and when inquired the Geazi young man of what it makes, it denied to it, having the intentionally prophet who the leprosy that had been removed of the body of the commander was on the body of it so folloies that it and it knows of close the power to God. IV? CONCLUSION Loved, how many shepherds have fallen and how many Churches are discredited in virtue of the greed of its controllers, of the lack of respect it stops with God and of the form as they mock the sheep. Everything that we are testifying in the times gifts already had been predicted by the proper Jesus and its disciples.