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Rent A Cottage For One Day

Rent a cottage on the night she decided after much thought, to invite guests to celebrate his birthday. In this small apartment? Can not understand the neighbors – older people who do not tolerate even the loud music. And would not just music! Holidays are approaching, many friends and colleagues wondered what it give the thirtieth day But the solution was found – the best friend who had once enjoyed a similar service for family celebrations, offered to rent a cottage for a day. As assured biddy and experienced lover of fun, ideal place for birthday – the nature, but as guests – the respectable people, and in the yard – spring then the optimal solution – rent a small cottage on the day. The main advantage of "action" – the proximity to the city. Besides, a friend promised to help with the paperwork and said that she already knows what kind of a cottage on the day she needed. After consulting with my girlfriend, she decided to rent a house directly on the two days that came to a cottage on the night before, it was possible to thoroughly prepare to welcome guests – a delicious meal and decorate the room balloons. As planned, so good call friends and tell them how best to reach the place, the girls arrived at the cottage on the day before the holiday. Surprise birthday girl was not a limit – she was delighted choice of friends, and kept glancing out the window you liked the house – a beautiful view of pine forest and a small lake.