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The quest for an ideal society, it was with tremendous force and conviction. Religion, Utopia was a social theme, which relied dauber icon-painters to express their innermost beliefs, personal utopias. Focused on the man, he was humiliated, he had to be rescued. Appeared corresponding ideal images. Worked self-preservation of the people.

Now need to save all in all, the nature of the human rights of the disturbed nature of man from himself and his civilization, etc., etc. That's new – the eternal theme of salvation, expressed through the new – old romanticism. Desire to live is stronger than the desire to die I think. That's why the search for the ideal should not be terminated. For a full life to constantly offer new, even if it does not want on the one hand and wish him, on the other hand, despite the civilized hunted.

"Do not leave the effort, maestro, keep his hands from his forehead "(B. ). What do we have to do there? Fear of human limbs, the horror of despair and disbelief in anything spiritual crisis, disregard for himself and to nature, etc., and etc. Gee! Constantly drills idea how many prerequisites to the Renaissance. After the crisis, always rise, this dialectic. Massive cultural revolution madness must survive. Time itself raises the bar heater confrontation, it must meet or do something else. Ways of art and public life does not always coincide, and do not match all the more. Technological civilization of the masses and man-made creativity a few, and executioner victim that they have more in common? Perhaps only one man here and there a man, so the hope for understanding and mutual cooperation on an equal footing remains.