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Regulation Act Cleaning

About two decades ago the landlord were obliged almost officially uniform prices in advertising apartments/cottages to specify. What is become of it? Do you have an apartment or a House? Then you should follow the price tax regulation, i.e. specifying a final price including all mandatory expenses (VAT, energy, bed linen and final cleaning). Energy costs may be billed after consumption. Has the guest the choice if final cleaning is carried out by himself, or whether the landlord will take over cleaning, cleaning costs may be designated separately.

However, most landlords do not adhere to price-tax regulations. Abmahner have recognized this, and so sending waves across the country ran into this early summer at the North Sea. Sure, many landlords and catalog provider changed your pricing structure. Unfortunately, not many landlords with an integration of a final price final cleaning can identify themselves. Because if the cost of final cleaning in the rent of the day and the The guest for a performance, which he does not receive pays rental period of score which exceeds the frame of reference, the final price was calculated. In the other case – shorter stay than the Bezugsmietdauer – the landlord receives not the full cost. Because the price is a variable size, usually a fixed size, final cleaning forbids it to mix actually both forms at a fixed price. Because of the trend to shorter durations of stay, you can risk have not covered the final cleaning cost in its calculation.

For a responsible landlord comes a daily average transmission rate often out of the question. “Practical impossibility” fairer prices for holiday apartments and holiday homes has held a large number of the landlord, yet according to 1 of the price tax Regulation Act. The decisive criterion for convenience should be a separate statement of the final cleaning cost. One way to meet the law is the introduction of discounted Stay durations or the conditioning of a price list with a price for the first day and a price for every other day.