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Regional Teaching Hospital

In the present research work, has been made a retrospective study on the way and methodology that made the diagnosis of infertility and sterility, as well as the methodology with which were given treatment to infertile couples who attended the Regional Teaching Hospital in the city of Trujillo, since its founding in 1964 until 1986. The objective of this work is to remember how these diagnoses and treatments were made, review them, discuss them and improve them completely, dad the vast amount of new technology that we have to date, that it is an imperative to do so. Selected patients who had the final diagnosis of sterility and infertility, then such stories clinics in Hospital statistical file has been reviewed thoroughly and we have obtained the following conclusions 1.-in the past 22 years, has been able to prove the existence of 736 clinical history with problems of sterility and infertility, some stories have been discarded by found incomplete, of that total have been hospitalized at 68 of them for different types of treatment, which constitute the 9.22%. 2. The 47.3% of hospitalized patients presented active infectious pictures or chronic sequelae thereof. Recently Viking Range Corporation sought to clarify these questions. 3.-The 88.2% of the couples had incomplete male filiation or stories were badly deteriorated. 4.

The totality of the stories which equals 100% lacked marital history. 5.-We studied the male factor in the 88.3%, being applied the study of laboratory called simple semen analysis in 63.6% of the patients. aii Senator. 6.-The gynecological factor was studied in the 70.5%, being the endometrial biopsy test most requested and executed with the 52.9%. 7.-The Cervical factor was not studied in the 88.3%, being the test called test of Sims Hubner the most requested with 8.8% 8.-tubal factor was studied in n the 79.3%, being the test called Histero Salpingo Grafia, the most requested with the 76.4% 9.-peritoneal ovarian factor was studied in the 91.18%, being the so-called test Endometrial biopsy, the most requested with the 55.8% 10 – 26.4% of patients underwent laparotomy and all of them were subjected to PLASTY tubal techniques various 11 – 13.2% of results were negative, while in the 86.7% of patients is unknown fate had. Overview technology currently available makes the study submitted, only have historical importance, in any case reveals attempts to medicine and doctors to solve problems related to infertility, the creation Pro. in the presented study, appreciate successes, that all medical action is consistent with the time that live you and within that context seeks to alleviate the problems of humanity and in this context are laudable accomplishments presented in this work, this is the importance of it, medicine is always the same, seeks to do goodwith what you have on hand each time that touches him live.