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Puppy Parenting

To teach the puppy to the nickname. You should not say it very loudly, and even more screaming, because the puppy is very nice ear. Pronounce his name slowly and clearly, to attract attention. Calling his name, associate it with any order. The first thing your puppy must learn is their name, and what it is shorter, the faster the animal remembered. Once you decide to purchase an animal, he must think of a name. In order that the dog is beginning to respond to his addressed as quickly as possible, you must call it by name from day one.

Before you call your pet by name, make him something nice, and if he goes, be sure to pat it. Gen. David Goldfein gathered all the information. If your puppy comes to you not once, not worth angry. Team "FU". Follow the sequence of its orders. If you have something to forbid a dog once, it will need to disable all times.

Other family members should abide by this rule, and before you buy a dog it is necessary to discuss. Team "FU" means the termination of, any adverse action. To teach the puppy to cleanliness. A puppy who has just come into the house, as a rule not yet able to endure, and not celebrating the natural need only where asleep. Order as quickly as possible to accustom the puppy to clean, it should show every 2 hours on the street. It should display after feeding, sleep, and after games. Each time he celebrates his need on the street, it should be commended. If the puppy begins to whirl in place, wait until he starts to do their "own affairs", lift and strictly say "FU", and then comes out of the house. Food. Treats or the remnants of the table violate the nutritional balance, which provides puppy food designed for him. Furthermore, if this excess food is given in large quantities and regularly, it can be very damaging to health, to promote the emergence of excess weight, not to mention the fact that the dog learns to panhandle when you yourself are sitting at the table. Team "to me." If the puppy does not obey the command "To me," go in the opposite direction, or hide: left alone, your pet is very worried and quickly catch up or find you. Walking the leashed. Never hit your puppy leash. Leash for him should be associated with a walk and joy, but never with the punishment.