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The promoters are looking for alternative to give exit to buildings that have been some time without selling. According to a information published by the Chain To be, at least, 6,000 houses they have been sent recently to the Public Society of Alquiler (SPA), on the part of Spanish promoters, so that to this he puts them organism in renting. The rent with option to purchase is an attractive formula for small and medium promoters who do not manage to find to the wished buyer and for buying potentials that they cannot acquire a house in property from the first moment because they cannot have a banking credit in the beginning. Some analysts agree in indicating that this mechanism of mixed financing is reasonable in situations of economic recession, how the one that crosses the real estate market at the moment. In this sense, it is an optimal formula to give to exit to new work houses and apartments in stock.

The agencies that offer this type of services raise to interested the option to rent the new work house by a reasonable price, of market, that will vary based on the building, of its situation, characteristics and qualities, with a past option of purchase 2 or 5 years. To read more click here: music downloads. The main characteristic of this modality is based in which the payments that are realised during the life of the renting contract do not go to a broken coat. When east period passes and the period of renting finalizes, these amounts will discount in the final price of the house that the renter will have to pay. The real estate Nozar, for example, announced October, this modality, the past Formula To + C, that allowed the clients to rent a new work house of the promoter from 550 monthly Euros with a term of 5 years to acquire it later, then discounting the payments paid during the period of renting. The last reform of the Plan of House 2005-2008 also has including this mechanism in its proposal and the Region of Murcia, on the other hand, already is one of the independent communities in which the promotion of houses in rent with option leans of it buys.

Legal aspects the purchase option is regulated between the parts, that is to say, landlord and renter, in a renting contract in which it appears this particularitity. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Michael Steinhardt. The interested ones sign a mixed contract in which the landlord guarantees the renter who will be able to acquire the house in an agreed term. In addition, both are committed to lift to public writing of transaction the previous contract in the established term. Until the moment of the purchase the renting is in force of natural form by the established thing in a contract to the use for this modality. In any case, the legislation applicable to this contract it is article 1255 of the Civil Code: the contractors can settle down the pacts, clauses and conditions that they have by disadvantage, whenever they are not opposite to the laws, to the moral nor to the public order.