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Moments Suitable For Eating Fruit

The fruit is an important food we all know it, and therefore we have always recommended daily food intake, since it’s one of the main sources of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber that has the Agency. It is true that many myths that have made that many people do not know when you should consume have been built around the intake of fruit. To clarify this a little what we will do is give some guidelines to find out the best times to consume the fruit and take advantage of it. As we have discussed, the fruit is composed of an infinite number of vitamins, vitamins are very delicate nutrients that are lost very easily, especially when changing state fruit that contains them. It is therefore essential that the body can assimilate them as soon as possible to so take advantage of their nutrients.

This is what more must take into account when it comes to consume the fruit and therefore it is essential that we devote certain times of the day to this food intake. The fruit is not a food like any other, since it contains high doses of fructose, as well as being a food is often consumed raw and that gives us high amounts of fiber. These characteristics that make is to present us a food that can ferment easily in the stomach. This fermentation in many cases slows the digestion of fruit and thus their assimilation, therefore it is highly recommended that we ingiramos it always only, without accompany it with other foods to be able to assimilate before and much more all the nutrients that gives us leverage. The moments that we will recommend to ingest the fruit will always be those in which the stomach is empty.

It is true that always we have discussed the importance of not making large binges, which slows down digestion and worsens the assimilation of different nutrients that provide us with food. In the case of fruit couldn’t be less, since we must avoid it ferment too and many of the properties that we have these foods are lost. Therefore between meals will be the best time to eat fruit, like before eating. It is necessary that we take this into account If you want to take advantage of the nutrients that gives us. Not we should overlook this, and you should especially never banish diet fruit intake, as it is an essential nutrient for the correct functioning of the body.