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Mateus Time

' ' Then &#039 still waited others seven days; ' Eschatologically speaking, after the second return of Christ the Land, it starts to invigorate here this time Remembering that in this direction the BRANCH DE OLIVEIRA (CHURCH) this protege in the coffer with Christ the bible relates a time more than the meaning of days with years, then forming, in this in case that, one week of years, that is, seven years. Destarte, gives credit that if it relates the seventieth week of Daniel (Dn 9:27). The period of the GREAT TRIBULAO here in the Land while the saints are in the Gloria with Christ. An extensive discurso exists on the duration, if in turn she is not clear if she is literal or figurative or metafrica. Soon it is in this period where the majority of the stories treated in books of Daniel happens, Apocalypse and in evangelho of Mateus I capitulate 24. 3. &#039 WILL COME BACK THE THIRD TIME; ' and it sent the dove outside; but it did not become more ' ' After others seven days the dove and dispatches by post again outside of the coffer, but Noah does not return more.

The third return of Christ also will be thus Is clearly in the Holy Writs that after the Tribulao Grating Jesus comes back the Land. But now not more as REDENTOR, NOR Much less JUSTIFICADOR. Now it is a JUDGMENT time, for all the mpios and until the angels, in the GREAT WHITE THRONE, where we will be judged by all our acts. Its plans are to be this way, for KINGDOM MILENIAL, and later for the restruturao of the Land, bringing it of new the original Gloria of the creation told for Pablo (RM 3:23) where we will live for all always with it, glorifying and giving honors to our creator, loved Jesus Gloria God! Aleluias! Kind Quo is our God in tracing a so miraculoso and special plan to save a so pecador being as I and you! Today it is time to remember these plans waiting anxiously the fulfilment of each one of these promises.