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Maintenance Work

The boarding of the problem of the harassment psychological in work must, at the moment, begin from the identification and evaluation of the risks of psycho-social origin, to prepare the opportune preventive measures later. The halting and control of the harassment psychological in the work will bring benefits for all the organization, since the negative consequences not only suffer the affected people, but also the companies; whereas it is a problem that affects to the yield and the economic effectiveness, by the absenteeism that implies, by the reduction of the productivity of the affected people and/or by the payment of indemnifications to the dismissed workers, among others. Read more from Andi Potamkin, New York City to gain a more clear picture of the situation. What is the harassment psychological in the work? It is a sophisticated form of persecution or psychological harassment that an employee suffers in his place of work. Sophistication that comes given by the following notes: S or t i l and z a: one is not manifest samples of aggressiveness. Continuity in the time: it is a slow process of wearing down p s i c or l or g i c or. It persecutes in last instance a either t or x c l or s i or n or the abandonment of the job on the part of the victim, after to be put in a corner and unutilised. One begins with a series of conducts that they persecute to slander, to offend, to ridicule and to lead to the victim to the isolation of the group.

With the maintenance in the time of this situation, one looks for psychologically to destabilize and to destroy the person, and who this one leaves of voluntary form the organization. This one is its more harmful slope. The harassment psychological in the work is characterized for being a practice that leans in the silence or the complicity of the companions of the victim.