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Kreativurlaub In The Vulkaneifel On The Edge Of The Eifel Dough

Painting, music, relax and unwind with a range of musicians and painters attracts the tour operator Arte Vitalis guests in the Vulkaneifel. Taster weekends to the multi-day trips, take place all summer courses in selected seminar houses and cosy country hotel off the beaten path. Discover their own talents, music in the District of like-minded or hold images and impressions with brush and paint for almost everyone is the right course. The range of holiday courses is broad and ranges from African drums (in good weather even open air in the volcano) vocal and instrumental workshops ranging from classical to jazz to painting classes in the fascinating landscape of the Maar. There are no limits to creativity. Only the beautiful natural spaces around the Maars and volcanoes are worth a break. How much more is the traveler for a stay combining holiday in an inspiring landscape with personal interests and new contacts. A change of scenery with the hobby in the luggage promotes new Perspectives on days and inspires the senses. Carefully accompanied by professional lecturers, participants leave everyday life behind and devote their love to the music or painting with an otherwise hardly known intensity. Whether beginner or advanced, who goes with his creativity on travels, learns vacation in a new quality and time in another dimension: time for the own ego, to develop, to the talking shop for relaxation and enjoyment.