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Italian World Heritage Regensburg

On the traces of organic olive oil and organic wine in the southern Italian World Heritage Regensburg, July 26, 2010 of Cilento in Campania southern offers a varied regional cuisine. The National Park region for its excellent olive oil and excellent wines is famous. Cilentano cottage agency tours through olive groves and vineyards with subsequent tasting offers its customers in the fall of 2010. The participants cast Cilento traditions’s footsteps and be inaugurated by domestic producers in the secrets of the olive oil and wine production. The cultivation of high-quality agricultural products has a long tradition in the Cilento.

When in the autumn wine and from November, olives are harvested, helps with most of the whole place. But it is also the time of the reunion: often the family members from all over Italy come together to help with the harvest. Olive oil the gold of Cilento the importance of olive oil for the region already opens up from the landscape: Evergreen olive groves dominate the mountain slopes on the coast and in the hinterland. According to tradition, the first plants were once introduced by Greek settlers. Now appears the mild olive oil with the strict quality guarantee “D.O.C..”, often also available in organic quality. Guided tours through the olive grove almost every family in the Cilento produces its own olive oil so also the family Perazzo from the coastal village of Marina di Ascea.

Franco PERAZZO, who speaks excellent german, will lead the Cilentano customer through his olive grove and pass on his knowledge to the olive-growing them. Family Perazzo attaches importance to quality in their products. When a new olive grove was built about 25 years ago, were first taken soil samples and analyzed the composition of the Earth. Then family chose PERAZZO olive varieties, which were ideal for the soil. The mounting is done since purely biological.