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In Dogs

Dogs are purely social animals so you have always lived in well-organized groups, unlike cats who do not live in societies but that they lead a more independent life. Dogs are never isolated and need if or if his pack of hounds to survive. They form communities in which hunt, rest, move and are always played in groups, never a dog or Wolf deviates from the group to perform any task individually. This same system is that the dog has moved in his life domestic alongside humans. Each family that lives a dog is to him his herd or pack of hounds and never will want to stay away from her or secede.

This is why that when a dog is isolated and deprived of the company of his human family he suffers great anxiety and by all its means will try to meet again with her. It is common in modern life to see many dogs that spend most of the day alone since their owners work nearly 12 hours a day and when they return at night tired home the last thing you want to do is put to play with the dog or take out it to walk, simply they carry food, change the water, make a caress and fired again until tomorrow. So the days pass in a distressing and painful solitude in which the dog has no way of download so much energy accumulated or eliminate so much anxiety that accumulates every day, every year. Because not to mention so many cases of dogs that are passed long hours a day tied without being able to understand the why its Pack of hounds him has subjected to such torment. So then you don’t have too explain the origin of the cited separation anxiety who suffer so many dogs in modern urban life. Dogs with separation anxiety can manifest any of the following reactions when they are left alone in the House: _ urinate and defecate inside the House or in other inappropriate sites.