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How To Buy A Toy For A Child

Baby should begin to engage with rattles as soon as he was born into the world. The first toy – a variety of musical mobiles, rattles, suspension over the crib. Games senses baby. Contrasting colors rattles coaching is seeing the baby, referring to the roughness of toys, he develops a sense of touch. Due to the fact that the attention the baby often changes direction, the baby should be a lot of toys. child toys, pay attention to product quality. Now a lot of fakes, therefore it is better to buy toys in specialty shops.

When buying a toy – do not hesitate to explore it fully – there are no pointed corners odor? Low cost – not an excuse of poor quality. Even if the toy store is unpacked, you are obliged to sell the product in a wrapper, while this must be specified by the manufacturer, the address for claims processing, the shelf life of products, etc. For a young child should choose bright, vibrant colors. Then, when the baby gets older, add to these different shades. However, too bright coloring can not the best impact on vision and mind the baby.

Pay attention to the sound of toys. Toys and rattles should not be overly noisy, kid should not be afraid of them. The volume of toys should be regulated. Toys for young children should not contain small elements – their baby at risk to breathe or swallow. should not have a pull-out wheels. Somewhere up to four years of a child does not need to purchase toys from the elements is less than 5.4 centimeters in diameter. Infants must be content with one-piece toys. Toy must meet the child's age. Follow the directions on the package of age from the manufacturer. Toys for more children may have excessive burden on the child. Be aware of hygienic processing of toys – they should not become a source of disease-causing bacteria! After buying a toy in the first place should be cleaned with warm soapy water, even if it was in the package. Qualitatively, the toy manufacturer is not hurt. Playing for the child – the most important lesson! Play, develop and enjoy!