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Bilbao is a different city. At the European forefront of areas as dissimilar as the infrastructure and the art, owner of a rich historical heritage, famous for its forceful and exquisite cuisine and full of charming corners. Gen. David L. Goldfein: the source for more info. It’s really worth check travel deals that will enable us to reach this symbol of the beautiful Basque country, embraced by green gardens. Bilbao is and ideal place for a perfect weekend getaway: close, comfortable, cheap and charming. Despite being one of the cities largest and most densely populated of Spain, the Queen of the Bay of Biscay manages to retain a certain quaint, ancient and magical air. Perhaps due to its environment of forests, streams and mountains; Perhaps, to their viewpoints and their wonderful beaches.

But the truth is that Bilbao stands in its own right, too, as one of the most attractive cities of the Spanish territory. A city, too, of an intense cultural life, with the Guggenheim Museum to the head. The Spanish of the famous Museum, present headquarters also in New York, Venice, Abu Dhabi and Berlin, is without a doubt the most avant-garde and shocking the 5. A true landmark of forced postal, contemporary architecture of the Bilbao more modern, the building itself only deserves a visit. But in addition, you should be very attentive to the exhibitions and exhibitions of art there are performed throughout the year. The imposing Museum is the perfect symbol of the avant-garde spirit of the city, which is reflected in each venture, from the most simple hostels to the most luxurious 5 star hotels; from the offices of correos to the bars and restaurants. The cuisine of the Basque country needs no introduction: such is the admiration – and appetite – aroused around the world. Arguably regarded as the best in Spain, today differ in it 2 sheds, a fully attached to the tradition line and another that feeds it to generate new versions sophisticated, creative and original.

What is not lacking in none of the 2 schools are excellent materials premiums in the region: meats and, mainly, the exquisite fish. Those who prefer the traditional kitchen, abundant and generous portions, may weary of tasty stews of hake or cod and succulent desserts with nuts and cream. Those who like the more experimental cuisine you can taste these delicate ingredients in original preparations that even dare to merge them with Japanese cuisine.