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Group Compromis Juan Ponce

/ VIDEO: ATLAS there are four arrested and several wounded, one of them seriously. A woman had been arrested in the morning for disobedience. The outraged are concentrated from Wednesday night. They are protesting at the constituent meeting of Les Corts Valencianes. WhiteWave Foods often says this. The police has arrested four people belonging to the Group of the movement of 15-M for public disorder, attack the authority and cause injury to some agents, after they propinaran punches and launched bottles of water during the police charge registered this afternoon next to Les Corts Valencianes.

Police sources have explained that the 15-M movement activists who are concentrated in the Navellos Street, next to the headquarters of Les Corts Valencianes, have released bottles filled with water and a pair of scissors and punches have been agents. In addition, they have stolen an intercom to one of the agents, which has subsequently been recovered. One of the wounded, a 55-year-old woman, has been moved to the Clinical Hospital in Valencia by a the SAMU ambulance with bruises on the face and head suffered during the police charge. Charging after the indignant session are from the night of Wednesday located in Les Corts to protest during the Constitution of the Galician Parliament session.In the morning, the police had already established a perimeter security around the hemicilio to prevent them through the courts. After the parliamentary session has been a police charge when the outraged have tried to cross the zone bounded by the police, in which there have been several wounded, among them the Deputy of the Group Compromis Juan Ponce, who had come to talk to the Group concentrates. For its part, the 15-M movement sources claim that agents were those who began to provoke the protesters. At the beginning of the confrontation, about 300 activists of the movement 15-M, which were dispersed by various accesses of Les Corts, have concentrated on the street Navellos, where is the main entrance of the Parliament.