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GPS Screen

What is gps navigation? The earliest sure many had paper maps. To search streets, we used a pointer to the last pages, and then long tried to find in this square coveted title. Unfortunately paper card is not too easy to use, but in motion it can be guided by only using the navigator. The second type of navigation – such as widespread mobile programs Yandeks.. Here already address search does not take much time, moreover, it shows where there are traffic jams and allows you to think over the ways of their diversion, the owners of phones with gps can also find your current location. Unfortunately This system is also not without a lack of – it shows the card, but can not plot a route and hardly tell where the next turn, if you slipped by on the outcome. Current GPS-Navigation is just designed to solve all these problems. They can not only show current location, but also a route to a given point, such as a store or movie theater.

Perhaps their most useful feature is instant recalculation route, if you accidentally drove right turn, or there was blocked traffic. You just keep moving, and the system will tell where to turn or recalculate your route and suggest a more appropriate option. What are gps navigators? The most common type of navigation is now – a separate device, attached to the windshield suction cup mount, you probably noticed their luminescent screen is in other machines. One of the most the biggest advantage is their portability – they have a built-in battery, from which they can operate continuously for several hours. This browser can take a hike or used for pedestrian walks in the city.

Also they are cheaper than their embedded counterparts, and their connections do not require special knowledge – suction cup attached to the glass, stuck the cord into the cigarette lighter – and drove off. Disadvantages are also obvious they – firstly they obstruct visibility, as attached to the windshield. Secondly they are often small screen, a consequence of their mobility. They also rank in the cigarette lighter and is unlikely to decorate the interior of the car lots of wires. More attractive looks GPS-navigator, built-in head unit, usually multimedia center with a touch screen. Previously, such a pleasure to be available only for machines with dual (2DIN) place under the unit, but progress does not stand still, and now there are devices with a single-size screen is leaving. They usually have built-in navigation has a separate antenna, which improves the signal quality and allows the system to work stably in urban areas or mountainous terrain. Also advantage is their connection to the regular acoustics, it lets tone down the music during navigation tips, and being installed in the regular place they do not obstruct the review and do not degrade interior wires. Which option to choose – you decide and we will help you board, we make quality installation and learn to use a 100%!