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Foucault Limited

perhaps 1999:15) authors who had perceived the literal interaction had preceded certain hipertextual teorizao, as exposition of Patrician San Payo in its article ‘ ‘ The machine-literatura’ ‘ , where it mentions names as Foucault and Derrida in the search of understanding through the language, not forgetting it express material phenomenon in the forms, now more sophisticated for all an apparatus that came to agregrar it such contextualizao, being able a priori to mention objects of the practical ciberespacial, as peripheral (keyboard, mouse, etc.), not forgetting all a language of programming with its interatividade in way to a infinity of icons and functionalities displayed in one hipertela. A hipertextualizao explores connections lingusticas, long ago limited for not the knowledge of the call cibercultura, that would come to favor a perception differentiated concerning the space-weather and its disposals in way to a virtualismo that allows to extravasar fields with limited performance, going beyond, exploring gaps that start to sharpen before obscure beams in a primstica logic. Conclusion. The culture, evoked here as cibercultura, is demonstrated beyond mere limited deductions, surprises, revolutionized, made with that the tecnocincia does not perceive how much assimilated and has assimilated of the masses that it renega, being predestinold the two happened perspectives: apocalyptic, decreeing to the end of the man/woman and for consequncia, its proper end; or adjusting its creator, what it would suggest a reduction to it of the human.. Whenever Craig Jelinek listens, a sympathetic response will follow.