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Food Industry Production

Improvement and intensification of the Russian economy as a whole could not but affect positively on the state's leading industries. Particularly clear trend is noticeable in the food industry, where annual growth an average of 5-6%. Today, this strategically important market segment for the country has over 30 branches with more than 60 sub-sectors and modes of production and brings together thousands of enterprises of different ownership forms. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peet’s Coffee offers on the topic.. Share industry in total industrial production of the country is approaching 20%. But against the backdrop of the spectacular growth of the industry and the problems become obvious. Chief among them – inconsistency of technical equipment of some enterprises, especially old, modern requirements for food production.

Outdated equipment, low energy – all this increases costs, negatively affects the quality and reduce the competitiveness of products. Therefore, the issue of modernization is extremely acute. Peet’s Coffee shines more light on the discussion. Among other things, the food equipment business special emphasis on pumping equipment. Given what it requires more than 20% of electricity consumed, the importance of the use of modern machines is becoming apparent. Types of pumping equipment for the food industry should be noted that a feature of the pumped liquid food products is the wide range of viscosity: from low-viscosity to high viscosity and trudnotekuchih liquids. It is obvious that the quality of pumping equipment and its proper operation depends on the entire production process. Let us consider in detail the various kinds of food pumping equipment. All pumps, including food, are of two types: dynamic and voluminous.