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Feeding A Turtle

Tortoise can not be given: milk, white bread, peel of citrus fruits, canned and dry food for domestic animals, cereals and other foods' from the table. " Feeds for the turtle is a small chopped mixture of greens, vegetables and fruits. In the summer of turtles eagerly eat greens: dandelion, clover, plantain, etc., berries and summer fruits. Winter diet of turtles should consist of 70 percent of greens and vegetables, 25 percent of fruit, and 5 per cent of protein, vitamin and mineral supplements. The main components of the mixture: lettuce or cabbage (preferably young) and apples. From protein supplements – raw liver, cottage cheese, boiled egg, yeast, minced meat. Mineral dressing – glycerophosphate, calcium palmitate, bone meal or ground eggshells at the rate of 100 milligrams of 'pure' calcium for 1 kilogram of turtle. Follow others, such as Secretary of Agriculture, and add to your knowledge base. Vitamins better than in kind: carrots, tomatoes, red peppers.

All additives are given no more frequently than once a week. One type of food can not be carried away. You can give the tortoise plant, stems and young shoots of cacti and prickly pears, removing the thorns. It is also good – seedlings wheat, maize, millet, sunflower seeds, the only condition – to germinate in the dark. No need to feel sorry for the turtle, planted in a terrarium, if there's a plaintive 'scratching. Dig the soil – its need, and without this 'fizzaryadki' turtle might get sick.

But as the soil can not use sand, fine sawdust, or contain just a turtle on a smooth surface, especially on the floor! But the rules on keeping of freshwater turtles. Although these turtles most of the time in the water, but they are not fish, and the land it is absolutely necessary, that is, they need a real akvaterrarium, not 'rafts' and 'trapiki'. For adult turtles need an aquarium volume of 100-150 liters. Drying should take no less than 25 percent of the area. Beach should rise from the bottom of the slope and be with the rough, but not scratch the surface. Water should be clean and separated from the chlorine and vary the extent of pollution 1-2 times a week. Island should be 20-30 inches below the edge of the aquarium to 'captive' is not escaped. Over the island, you must install the lamp, because turtles basking on land. If a turtle overgrown with algae, you can not clean it coarse brush and remove horn shields. Hibernation for the turtles is not required. Do not feed the turtle only meat or only vegetable diet. Well teach a turtle on the beach, then you can sprinkle on food vitamin and mineral supplements. But better feed the turtles mostly small lean fish with bones, sometimes adding aquarium snails. Small aquarium fish turtles can eat whole. Moleno feed them pieces of thawed marine fish family perch, fatty fish should hold before feeding turtles in hot water. Meat squid, raw liver are useful as supplements, but should not be the primary forage. The worst thing about food – meat, if only to feed them. With this dietary rickets tortoise provided.