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Dragon Ball

Throughout the series the dose was repeated, whenever someone tries to take over the world, almost always evil gods, young face above him and manage to overcome them. Simple but substantial. With a philosophy of never giving up no matter the odds, is one of the best series that I have to remember, with images and graphics of high quality that even today continues to improve (series Hades) enhances teamwork, effort and discipline. His characters personalities that at first look very different over time are unified by a common purpose, to fight for peace and justice, even if it means fighting for them. It is so difficult to understand the psychology of each character are very basic, and that Knights of the Zodiac made a success in the early nineties, something many now remember with a certain amount of nostalgia, a very good anime, the best. Haa referred wrestling martial arts, kung fu and boxing.

Dragon ball. There are three stages of this series, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and GT, but that most recalls with more emotion is undoubtedly Z More nourished in regard to plot and storyline, though inferior in graphics and images to Knights of the Zodiac, is the story of Goku, an orphaned child with the passing of years becomes a great warrior, even able to defend the land of invaders, which curiously also know martial arts. Ago emphasis on values such as effort, discipline, overcoming, and even less considered values such as perseverance and forgiveness (for example, when Goku you bring a little of its energy Freezer to survive the explosion of the planet Namekusei has even to be an evil character who killed many people).