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Dmitry Mishchenko Instructor

All punches, drifts, counterattacks smoothly flow in game one to another. Giving the players freedom to improvise and create a variety of situations makes the game a dynamic and unique "Dmitry Instructor group programs, personal trainer with 12 years of taekwondo (orange belt) and Karate (Blue). With 19 years of age participated in competitions on the y-shu. Cup winner at the Moscow-shu. Participant of the Russian Championship in 2003. Capoeira became interested in 1998, after attending a master class Brazilian wizard Vagina.

Capoeira immediately attracted Dmitri as entertaining sports game, as well as music and non-contact, non-aggressive style. From 2000 he annually attends master classes leading masters of capoeira – Vagina, Bandeira, Bach, and since November 2004 he leads classes in Capoeira in the ". Pursuing a capoeira club can be a good capoeira? Of course, to become a master of Capoeira, you need to devote her whole life, but to start playing at any age. Capoeira gives everyone the opportunity demonstrate their abilities. The more so with all who come to classes at the club, I always enjoy sharing all of what he learned from the masters. True, my classes are small differences from their master classes: I give more time to warm up, which takes into account the age and physical ability test clients, I try as much as possible and more accessible database to train capoeira. Impressive results from your students have? Watching what is considered result. If capoeira classes bring a person joy, raise self-esteem, give him an opportunity to share with other people with positive emotions and recharge your batteries, if after school, he feels strong, brave and young – a great result.