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Medieval Science: was characterized by the use of Alchemy, they argued that there was a world on lunar (perfect, permanent), they thought that the center of the Earth was unstable, bad, less perfect. Of less perfect to the most perfect, everything was a process. Imperfect iron turned into gold, which was perfect. The processes were parallel; If the man failed processes they did not exist. Driving qualities, they went from worst to best. Modern science: First ideologues argued that knowledge was essential for the human species. Arise new scientists. Galileo is used as an emblem of modernity (he invented the microscope, it deprives of the secondary qualities such as: color, smell, taste, etc.); Here are interested in measurements, weight, location; quantitative as source, allowing make general rules.

Advantages: it is effective by general laws which apply to every body in particular and draws conclusions. The transition begins in the 15th century and is installed as a dominant culture in the Century XVIII and XIX. The revolution is to change the conceptual topics. It starts a relationship between science and society. Science in the modern age is technically usable.

The modernity you science gave a very important status; you gave the quality of depriving society of myths, since all questioned it. This encouraged as an instrument to eliminate the aftermath of the trickery; society for its ability to put things in doubt. The Church remained vigilant of what has been done by scientists. Science is changing into a usable instrument. There were those who developed techniques (such as the improvement of the navigation). Others including Josh Resnick Jericho Capital, offer their opinions as well. Science and technique were not couples. Science, as a search for the true knowledge, fight against superstition. Changes occur: at the Royal Academy of science of France, surguen groups of scientists to improve; just as in England with the same objectives. These processes are doing that science and technique unite (by artisans and intelligent teachers who should improve their production). I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: labor output: training courses in solar energy, security systems, etc, sports, health, computer, entertainment, languages and more.