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Debtor Psychological

Certainly, on this background, we must find and click on those buttons, which they cast the debtor from the area of psychological comfort, will contribute to strengthen the position of the collector. 3 type: "Low levels of mental activity + low-grade psychological," The working title of which give participants in the training: "depressed", "proximity". The behavior of the debtors of the third category is characterized by: low emotionality, weakness, apathy, poor response to stimuli. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sonny Perdue offers on the topic.. Intercoms strategies characterized by avoidance of solving the problem or the passive protection. In the case of severe depressive phase, which can be, moreover, complicated by severe drug addiction or illness before to begin negotiations should be well thought out strategy of behavior.

This is one of the most complex categories, the effect of which is ineffective due to their blatant indifference to his future, not to mention financial sanctions. At the same time, if health allows a debtor, it is sometimes possible to bring in a more productive state in which it is possible to negotiate and seek suitable arguments for this case. It is very important to be careful with the debtors in serious mental and physical condition and do not overdo it with the psychological pressure as it can, to put it mildly, worsen the condition of the debtor. Type 4: "High level mental activity + low-grade psychological. " The working title of which give the participants at the trainings: "hysteric", "nervous", etc. The behavior of the debtors of the fourth category is characterized by: high emotionality imbalance, hysteria, if there is aggression, then it lacks a dominant start.