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Crete Chania Particularly Worth Seeing

The island of Crete, the fifth largest and sunniest island in the Mediterranean and the largest island in Greece, is the ideal place for the Greek dream vacation … Starting with the Samaria Gorge, which is the longest gorge in Europe and one of the tourist highlights of the island. This adventure to wander through the gorge with 600m high cliffs, one should not miss. For me it was a very strange feeling to see these giant ravine down there … you feel like a dwarf, between gigantic rock faces of the Samaria gorge in Crete. If you put this adventure behind him, one should visit the second largest and most beautiful city on the island, Hania, here one finds not just as everywhere else in Crete Typical beautiful little cottage, but the fortress Firkas and the Maritime Museum which are worth seeing. In the evening, you should absolutely admire the beautifully illuminated harbor in Chania, alone if only because this port, you should book a hotel in Chaina. The Kydon 4 * hotel in Crete is one ofthe most famous hotels in Chainan it is right in the center of Chaina and you get a wonderful view over the Old Town. The nearby shopping center is one of the largest of Crete in the Greek Suvenierts Ettlich great they can buy. TIP: Even with the Greeks and especially in Crete, you should see the excellent price only as “negotiable”. These awards pay only ignorant tourists. They start with 50% of the proposed or excellent price, and they can then at a price at 60% to 75% on a trade.