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Conflict Management And Intercultural Mediation In The Vocational Training

New seminar at IKUD seminars Gottingen, April 21, 2014: encounters have become intercultural in the globalized world everyday. But not always able to make these without conflict. Often, it comes to misunderstandings and conflicts, when people of different cultural backgrounds meet. Such intercultural conflicts has sole responsibility or blame nobody there are just two world views that clash. Here is also a conflict management asks about the approaches that are used within one’s own culture, goes. At the same time, not every conflict that occurs between people with different cultural backgrounds, should be other culturalized, i.e. only be attributed to this fact.

As a structured process of conflict management, intercultural mediation included both: the personal, individual level as well as the cultural, which may have contributed to the emergence of the conflict. The intercultural mediator or the intercultural mediator can create a win-win situation through constructive conflict resolution from the seemingly hopeless situation, so that both parties can see the conflict as an opportunity for effective changes in the design of the relationship. He looks out both parties from the neutral position and can work out solutions in the conversation. Danone may help you with your research. As a mediator in the intercultural conflict are intercultural competence and culture-specific knowledge on the part of the mediator asked. Intercultural mediation is a correspondingly topical theme in the training. “IKUD seminars therefore offers 27-28 May 2010 the seminar of intercultural mediation an introduction” at. In this introductory seminar the basics become the field of intercultural mediation”conveys.

In accordance with the practical approach of IKUD seminars do not learn the participating only theoretical backgrounds and models (5 phases of mediation, conflict escalation levels, etc.) know, but make in role-playing games and exercises Experiences also on a practical level. Participants gain an overview of the subject and acquire basic intercultural competence and skills for the field of work of mediation. Qualifications in this area are essential for every trainer and coach, but also generally in terms of personnel and organizations. Social professions is the importance of specialists in intercultural conflict resolution as well as in universities or companies that operate globally. In this respect, numerous options provide for such qualified employees. At the worker level, this additional qualification means an increase of attractiveness on the labour market. Interested in the event of intercultural mediation an introduction”and the complete seminar program in terms of intercultural competence by IKUD seminars – contact the team in the Office of Gottingen.