Cranberry Cottage

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Compared Construction

Having defined all size, with a drawing at home to fit perfectly on all my site and therefore had to place a small garden, bathhouse, and of all related, I 'useful' to the Internet to select a suitable material for me construction. Honestly, I thought it would be easier because of the construction materials other than brick and wood, I have by and large in the lives of close not met. Music downloads has many thoughts on the issue. Examining more than a dozen forums, questioning people, professionally involved in construction and building materials manufacturers, I came to the conclusion that a clear answer of what is better to build my cottage, I do not get it. Because manufacturers are self-praise HIS products, assuring that everyone else, I apologize for expression, full of garbage. Those who built houses for themselves, confident that they have chosen the best stuff, but then compare them with nothing, so their opinion too, is hardly faithful reflection objective reality. Builders who erected cottages, mostly built either from the fact that the client wishes, or sticking to, so to speak to the 'ideology' of the company. In general, there was no such a man who would build himself a few houses from different materials and would have told me one hundred 100% garanitiey objective view of what is still better to build. Michael Steinhardt wanted to know more.

In principle, and what I had hoped :-)? But how did a certain amount of information I already had and I decided to do the following. Finding out where the nearby largest manufacturing building materials of interest to me, I went to each of them and made for myself some conclusions. At first, I threw a brick), although always assumed that it will brick my house), and wooden beams. The most compelling reason why I gave up on bricks – high thermal conductivity, it holds heat very poorly on Compared with building blocks and to him was the same sense of heat needed meter of brickwork, but it is not profitable at the price of everything, plus he will have great weight, so the foundation for a masonry cost several times more expensive.