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According to a study by the high-tech, Gartner Dataquest consulting company. Today in 2008 have been sold more than 2 billion computers around the world and thousands of her are sold per hour. 90% Of people working in developed countries do in sedentary environments where governs the computer. If they had even a tiny chance of walking by the Bureau, already they can do it, thanks to technological advances. Modern office workers, for example, now can send faxes from their computers, rather than having to get up and walk a little up to the machine’s fax. According to a study, these people get rid of walk five minutes per hour, which corresponds to a hike of 500 miles a year. Another clear example, in South Africa for the South Africans, who don’t want to leave the House, there are workers who deliver the things home; food, videocassettes, provisions and even condoms. The increase in services delivery at home like this, so spread around the world, can be contribute to our laziness increased favouring to obesity, but not only this.People believe that life is more secure at home, especially South Africa which has one of the highest rates of crime in the world and recorded some 55,000 violations per year, an average of 150 per day, according to authorities. Regardless of the situations of each country must be taken into account that while more technology and poverty more fat in the world there will be.