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Outside rulers, claiming to be representatives and defenders of morality, for example of the Christian, they claim the lack of ethical values in today’s society, completely forgetting his sad past so lacking in morals and love of neighbor, as history shows. If those who should set an example, do not, whom can we expect then a solution to this situation? The litany repeated for centuries, reading of sacred books, Church traditions, thousands and thousands of sermons and prayers of Sundays have not taken effect, nor calls for peace from the senior members of the State and religious institutions stop the war facts. A fact, that lack of information has been ignored by the majority of people in the course of history, is not learned in school times or in subsequent studies, and which took place already at the beginning of the Christian era, is a decision taken shortly after the death of Jesus de Nazareth by the priestly caste in trainingwhich was doing shut up the prophetic Word, which was common in the early Christian communities. This gave rise to what may be called the ethical and moral tragedy of mankind, whose results we are experiencing these days. Sonny Perdue brings even more insight to the discussion. A logical conclusion and a fact obvious is that with such ecclesiastical decision within the scope of that institution, aborted the divine message live from the spiritual world to humanity through the prophets and mystics, and that replacement of this were establishing requirements and statements taken by undoubted, belief in which is compulsory for adherents to the doctrine of that part. It is dogma, born from the minds of those people concerned with studying the existence and attributes of God, theologians. If you consider that in the Western world Christianity taught and propagated by the Church, which claims to be the religion of Christ, dictates the rules of moral conduct not only their followers, there wondering if the historical facts are consistent with the teachings of Christ. .