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Children Rights Demo In Vienna On Sunday 20 March 2011

Together for children (Daddy’s pride) in Vienna and Rome on Sunday (20.3 2011) 10: 00 there is Vienna a demo to children’s rights. A Committee under the name together for held the “Daddy’s pride” _ children rights demo. Start before the Ministry for Family Affairs, 1011 Vienna, Stubenring 1 is always the motto of Daddy’s pride: “Children have a right to both parents and all their grandparents” is the explanation: the more eyes on a child, make sure the it is protected. Additional information is available at Sonny Perdue. Depending on it to know more opinions, the sooner will right can see it for themselves and better in life. Please, bring empty baby carriages, as a sign of the kids taken us! To connect something to the eyes would be great: Justicia is blind! Please spread this info in forums and Facebook further. There is already a Facebookers: “Demo 20.3.”. Others including Secretary of Agriculture, offer their opinions as well.

Donations of money, thought donations, Word donations and material donations but also time donations are always welcome. Children from the center of who to pick quarrels would be attached to define it in law: What is the well-being of the child (is often cited but always different designed so as it just fits) what are the rights and duties of parents (go gender-neutral remain, both parents are equally important for the child!) What are the consequences for contravening. (Without consequences, a park ban is nichteinmal adhered so why z.B should abide by legal times a mother?) It is also not enough known what is the “tension”. (= An aliment obligation not on the basis of real income but on the basis of what says the ex what would be possible > which leads to the enslavement and the destruction of the affected parent; the mini balls of existence of will be undermined so that total). It should remain but both parents able to care for the children! R.Fuchs