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Recently, balconies and loggias do not go editorials glamorous magazines on interior. More and more housewives want to turn your balcony into a fairy tale, make it a subject of pride and a symbol of prosperity. Fortunately, Today is not a problem. You can arrange on the balcony of a small winter garden, gym or library! The main thing – to choose the right windows. A plastic window from the German REHAU profiles provide excellent noise, heat, sound insulation and a favorable microclimate on your balcony. Balconies and loggias lately do not go to the editorials of glamorous magazines on interior design. The reason is simple – satiated renovation of kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, designers finally called metropolitan hostesses draw attention to its forgotten balconies.

This rather small and inconspicuous at first glance, the apartment could soon become a source of pride and a testament to well-being. And where interests converge more than two women, without the spirit of competition does not do well! The transformation of a balcony or loggia in the course of the living room where very nice to sit and spend time with friends – a task difficult because of Moscow balcony can hardly be represented in the traditional Western-style – with tables and sun loungers! They are too narrow, cold and uncomfortable. Yes, and arranged as if the are not part of the apartment, and a certain additional source of danger to passers-abiding! But if they were all afraid of difficulties, beautiful balconies and would have stayed overseas tale.