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Avila Lopez

My projects, usually always gestate on the fly and will always be, complementing until it fits like a puzzle. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Commuter Bikes. -Is it possible a change in humanity through letters? That it is. That through the word we can – but change to humanity – Yes at least improve the world in which we live. Poets have always written against wars, injustices; they are the troubadours that carry the glaring voice of peoples claiming more humanity and less selfish. In the current political situation that is taking place in the last eight months, we have been able to attend small changes that could well be prelude to the great.

In these small changes we are witnessing and celebrating that, through the technological means such as the Internet, can reach all corners of the world; and where does Internet know that they will have to reach humanitarian volunteers who do listen to the call of poets, writers and journalists who argue and fight against the injustices of the world. Then, brothers and fellow poets, journalists and writers: we must take advantage of pull media from the Internet and from spaces with freedom of expression as social networks, join forces to ensure that the voice of the written word reaches the most inhospitable corners. Because ignorance never will be bridge towards salvation. Thank you, Juan Pomponio Castiglione for giving me the possibility of long-dwell in this interview that you had the kindness of posting to your UNIVERSAL FORGE page. A hug to all readers. Thank you. Alicia Rosell, Bilbao, Spain, June 25, 2009 Alicia Rosell born in Etxebarri, Bilbao, Spain, on April 21, 1962.

It is named as purification Avila Lopez. He studied commercial expertise in the UPV, Elcano, Bilbao. Meanwhile, he continues to study and begins his profession as a writer, which began at age nine. His first literary prize was awarded with fifteen years. Today, Alicia Rosell is also literary agent, independent journalist and cultural promoter. It is painter by hobby, profession who abandoned by the letters. In 2008 he created the network of Hispanic writers with the best intellectuals, the voice of the word written international, multicultural platform of literature, journalism, communications and fine arts who heads since then. Creative creative and conductive literary Hispanorama radio program, as well as the literary magazine Hispanorama. In August 2009 they named member of the Board of Directors of S.I.P.E.A., Mexico, taking charge of his presidency and Constitution, and almost at the same time, advises Global Advisory Council of U.H.E, Peru. (Offices in Spain). To know more than his literary biography can access his access to his personal website: and from Here you can access all your blogs and sites where their presence online is daily and attends to readers and writers.