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Alicia Maria Matamoros Zelaya

Therefore you can define self-esteem as positive or negative valuation making one himself. I.e., how the person sees itself, what he thinks of it and how you react to it. It is a fundamental point in order to be aware of our capabilities and limitations in our life. A related site: Ford Motor Company mentions similar findings. If we all do this apply to work, self-esteem is revealed as a key point for the success of a work activity and personal relationships that are derived. Gives us and remember Alicia Maria Matamoros Zelaya, the concept of self-esteem involves the impression that each person has of itself, their capabilities, their potential and all the features that make up their way of thinking, feeling and acting.

This image that is of itself can be positive or negative, depending on the degree to which the person is considered valuable and is accepted. SD Cards has firm opinions on the matter. It is said that it is something that is learned, since the concept having himself will build gradually and is consolidated according to what is perceived from the physical until the deepest levels of the person, it is recognizing the qualities that are owned as well as the ability to change the limitations that prevent from be, Act and think in a better way. This idea of learning of self-esteem is what makes sure of themselves, people are full of initiatives and encouragement to start new challenges in their jobs; and that makes them see at a disadvantage in their work or in their own limitations in a new to overcome experience feeling able to perform it. Self-esteem is also considered changing because much of how a person perceives a if it is related to the environment in which they live, their coexistence with others that transmit messages that reinforce or may change the concept that has been formed in different areas of your life and even the roles that at any given time must play a person determine their self-esteemwhich may vary from one time to another.