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Worlds Superiors

We need TO EXTEND the mecanicidad of Sex. We need to know how to procreate children of sabidur? a. In the Ashrama of the Indost? n practices the Sexual Magic very secretly! All true initiated Yogui of India works with the Arcane A.Z.F ense? I accept by Great the Yoguis Indostan? it is that they visited the West of the World, and if this has not been ense? I accept by? great stos Yoguis initiated Indostan? it is, if this has not been published in books of Yoga, was indeed for avoiding ESC? ndalos. Sex is Stone of Slip and Rock of ESC? ndalo. Pod? is to be absolutely safe that those Yoguis that do not practice Sexual Magic, jam? s to obtain? n to be born in Worlds Superiors. And hab? to a man of the fariseos who was called Nicodemus, pr? ncipe of jud? you. This wine to Jes? s at night, and d? jole: Rab? , we know that you have come from God by Teacher; because nobody can do these? Ales that T? beams, if it will not be God with? l. Respondi? Jes? s and d? jole: Of certain, of certain I say to you, that the one that will not be born again, cannot see the Kingdom of God.

There am aqu? , loved reader, a sexual problem. To be born has been and to be? always sexual. Nobody can be born from teor? ace. We have not met the man been born from some teor? to or of some hip? thesis. To be born is not cuesti? n of beliefs If with s? believing in Gospels already naci? branches, then? by qu? have not been born all the students from the Bible? This to be born is not cuesti? n to believe or of not believing. Ning? n nor? or it is born by beliefs.