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Wild Birds

This article has for intention to present the project of creation of a fishery for acquittal of wild birds in the city of Limeira, the proposal is the creation of areas of readjustment and acquittal of birds apprehended of the traffic, moreover, to contribute so that specimens leave the extinguishing list, through the replacement of specimens and establishment of population in the nature; to guarantee the balance of the ecological processes (polinizao, dispersion and among others); to stimulate the research on the fauna and local flora; to make possible partnerships and integration of governmental bodies and private; to propitiate ways of awareness of the population it entorno. That is, the creation of acquittal areas is, therefore, a multicriteria tool for preservation of avifauna, using well-taken care of daily pay and after-solturas, beyond the monitoramento. We believe that the implantation of a fishery of acquittal of wild birds ally to a work of Ambient Education can take the population to an effective process awareness of the impact that can be generated to the environment through the purchase of animals removed of the nature. 1 – Traffic of Wild Animals Having in sights necessity of areas of acquittal and monitoramento in the City of Limeira comes to the meeting of the difficulty that today finds. As public agency the City comes across with limitations of resources and materials. Although the difficulties, can be evidenced resulted positive for the effect of fiscalization in the apprehensions of birds in the City. Such factors aim at to the constant analyze and evaluation of wild acquittal of birds and the conservation of biodiversity, in reiteration to the mission of the City. The loss of its habitat is certainly the main threat to the wild fauna. However, other factors as the introduction of exotic species, the hunting and the capture also exert forts pressures on the native population of the region.