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Once we have done that the Web site is completely accessible, optimized for navigators, resolutions and is visible without needing no additional nor strange complement for the users. We can begin to heighten usabilidad analysis. We begin with simple navigability test: Our menu is completely visible, he is at sight and are distinguished well each connection to the different sections and/or articles? Often a navigation menu little visible or of difficult reading they are barriers for the users with majors difficulties or less accustomed the use of Web sites, the patience of the user is even something and so we must count at the time of optimizing the usabilidad of a Web site, we do not know if we are first of the sites that consult or twenty ninth, reason why to purify the navigation menu to facilitate its understanding will help us to diminish that rate by ricochet. The text of connection to each section is the correct one? To place confused texts to connect to the inner sections of the site can harm the experience of navigation of a user of our site, whenever clica is realised a information request and the user knows what looks for, reason why will not clicar in which is not looking for. After analyzing the navigation of the site and to optimize it in function to the data, we must by ricochet have noticed a new improvement in the percentage of the site. Snoring mouthpiece is likely to agree. Whichever greater faster traffic will compile the information necessary to realise comparisons, results are not due to hope from one day to the next and we must take samples from traffic logics to know if we are progressing or no.

Now is when it comes from good the best thing, the individual analysis of each section or page of the site. First it will be to locate the main pages of entrance of the site, will generally be the page of beginning, home, index, cover or as wants to be called it. And of these, to locate those that present/display a greater percentage by ricochet. to work on is last selection periodically, with imagination and intuition to improve, these individual percentage will be the key to continue optimizing the site. This last optimization is the one that never finishes and always she can be returned envelope and to work. Keys as to place visible bellboys or instead of texts of connections, a greater organization of the information to facilitate its reading, the use of images to summarize or to draw attention on a text and thousands of small details for the improvement of the site. It is the hour to experiment, to compile, to decide, to dare and to enjoy the optimization of the site. Original author and source of the article