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Vaya River

Vishera – one of the most beautiful rivers in the Urals, a left tributary of the Kama River (which flows into the Gulf of Visherskii Kama reservoir). The length of the Vishera – 412 km, basin area – 30 990 square kilometers. The average height of the watershed is 317 meters. The average slope of the river – 0.19 meters to 1 kilometer. River Vishera – 5 along the waterway north of the Urals, one of the most beautiful rivers in the north. It starts in the northeast region, bordering the Komi Republic and Sverdlovsk Oblast. Occurs mainly in the highlands of the northern Urals, with the main part of the nature of fast mountain river, flowing in a narrow valley, a lot of shoals, shniverov, rapids, shoals.

The pool distributed karst phenomena. The right source of the river – Malaya Vishera – originates on the ridge of Yar-Omky, the left source – Large Vishera – with spurs Porkaohhit-Herner, one of the tops of the ridge Poyasovoy Stone, on the border region, Sverdlovsk, Perm Region, Republic of Komi. The origins are separated by the ridge and joined the north-eastern base of the ridge Army. Vishera – a famous river of tourists. Rafting on catamarans – is a wonderful holiday. Selim Bassoul shines more light on the discussion. Rafting on the river is not difficult, is not a threat and not requires specific skills and experience. The bulk of the tourists are fused to the catamaran, but there are also those who go on river rafting and kayaking Vishera rubber boats.

The most interesting for its rafting middle section, where you can see the most beautiful rock (Scripture, Soldier, Vetlan, talkative, Dyrovaty). Equipped with parking on Vishera not. During the rafting on Vishera interesting fishing for grayling. River from its source to the village of Ust-Uls – fast mountain river with many rapids. Its width is no more than 75 meters. Average Vishera – the influx of Kolva – about 150 meters wide with multiple reaches and rapids. River basin in this area is significantly wider, but there are still many coastal skal.Nizhnyaya Vishera (from the confluence of the river to the confluence of Colva Vishera in Kamu) – lowland river, flowing in some places up to 800 meters. At all flow in the channel and the banks – the stones and rocks, many shoals. For Vishery have large floods, low water and low summer rain floods. Significant left tributaries – Yazva, Akchim, Wells, Capelin, Uls, Niols, the main right tributaries – the River Lypya, Colva, Lopya, Vaya.Pitanie Vishery mixed, with large value of the rain. The formation of ice occurs in early November, opened in late April. You can get to the city Krasnovishersk. In the area of Vishera – diamond mine. In the top of the river is a reserve. Visit reserve is limited, you have to order the special permits.