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Valzacchi Lecture

In the recent lectures that we are carrying through, in focados in that nothing innovative comes changing the people, is about something and that he was forgotten in the time, as if we killed an essential part of us, and of this form as reflected, we create a world that does not go nothing well. We are trying to rescue something primordial, to inside place of the hearts of the people a simple seed, but that when sprouting, certainly in it will give the taste to them of the victory of a better life. You already stopped to perceive as our world this repleto of fears, impatience, precipitations, badness, pain and suffering? It is certain that all we want to live in a better world, but what to make this to happen? The beginning of this process of changes inhabits very in something important. that is, to give the first step, of if taking the initiative, therefore in our daily experience I congregated some seeds, that will be able to transform its day-by-day, but for this, if it makes necessary that you initiate everything. It sees some necessary and transformacionais seeds: – Good day, good afternoon always Says, or good night for the people, this does not mean that its day is good or badly, but means that you want optimum for the other, perhaps immediately you does not understand, but this simple gesture can modify the personal vibration of somebody, also its. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Debbie Staggs by clicking through. Today, to donate this gesture of goodness is a harmony principle, speaks high, speaks as if you were donating something. Debtor also says, or same until already, she is with God, these they are magical words, they can seem that not, but I have absolute certainty that you will be astonished with the results.

I also perceived throughout the years, something fantastic. My question is simple: – Which was finishes it time that somebody made it a compliment? Perhaps well, you have that to search back in deep of the trunk this reply, therefore not if chateie, I go to still make it a simpler question: – Which was finishes it time that you praised somebody? Father, mother, son, son, brothers, somebody of the work, a familiar one, colleague? Then, this is ours reality, exists a creative essence that in its wisdom, in supplies one to them dictated: It is giving that it is received. This is the law of the reciprocity. The compliment is something extraordinary, it has the capacity to disclose in the person who receives all its generosity and goodness, beyond is clearly to make a tremendous good for who donates, this is a wisdom formula. It praises, it praises the food of its wife, praises the marido, the children, is praised. We can go deeper, because not? I say I love you for the wonderful people who are its return, after all the life I am fast, as well as the time, that passes frantic, many times for any reasons, these people I can not be more to its side, therefore, say LOVE I, and give YOU one I hug fort in them, I do not exist nothing more repairman. I have absolute certainty that with these few seeds, us we will be able to sow a better world. Then we go there, a good day, a compliment, and one hug with sonorous I love I you, what you this waiting, this are the moment.