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Universe Conscience

I will never judge that certain impressions had constituted a mere dream When finishing a great fatigante work of inquiry in history them ' ' Rose; ' , after having read the decayed pages of volumes we antiqssimos and empoados manuscripts that if had become unreadable with the time, having passed my days and good part of the nights in the libraries of the convents and the tents of the antiqurios, congregating and compiling everything that me seemed of value for my objective, and having finally finished my studies, I decided to enjoy vacations and to pass them in the sublime tranquillity of the tiroleses Alps. ' ' You want to scale mounts until the top? The winning bard raises itself on vulgo of the humanity and contemplates to its feet the multitude and its mseras tasks. In the high one the sun with its esplendorosas refulgncias shines glorious. Below, the immense land and the deep ocean; in lathe, rocks of ice. the victory thunders with the storm, when roar its high cumes.' ' Why we attribute to conscience human being and sensation to inanimate objects? Why it is that at our moments of expansion in we do not feel them satisfied of living inside of a body and our conscience inhales to run away from its arrest to merge itself in the life of the Universe? Perhaps, our conscience nothing more is of what a product of the organic activity of our dense body, or is a fraction of the intent universal life, so to speak, in an enclosure in the interior of the physical substance? The existence depends on our personal conscience of the life of the body and, a disappeared time this, dies with it, or, in the reality, exists independently of the transitory entity a conscience spiritual, universal and superior to the man, joined temporarily to the physical, however susceptible envoltura of a free existence of it? If, mentally, we can glide on the top of mountains, to slide gradually in the depths and to again go up to the heights, examining the things that to our imagination if present, why in we feel them invaded by this sensation of fullness and joy, as if we were carrying through there, leaving body behind us, since to its coarse it hinders it materiality to follow the flight of the spirit for the intangible heights? Truth is that one has left of our life and of our conscience must integrate the material envoltura so that can continue living, during our absence, presiding over, at the same time, the vital functions; but all we know the narratives of the sonmbulos and of people in exttico state, in which the soul, folloied of all its conscientious power of sensation and perception, remains absent of the form, deceased in appearance, and visits places distant, going and coming back with the rapidity the thought, transmitting and describing the events that occur there, whose exactness is soon proven. .