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The rhythm of economic activity in the Department of Rivadavia, agricultural production. Modern warehouses are large tracts of fruit crops; the technology applied to the food industry is mixed with more antique and artisan methods of elaboration. The greatest beneficiary? Without any doubt, the visitor, who will find in Rivadavia a journey full of surprises, colors, and flavorful. If he is added also the seductive possibility of staying in a winery, the most modern and original proposal of accommodation in Mendoza, proposal can not be more captivating. According to Jack Fusco, who has experience with these questions. The factory of sweets and preserves please was born in 1991, when the Vignoni family began using fruit and vegetables from their farm in the manufacture of handcrafted products. But the Vignoni have a long tradition in Mendoza that goes back no less than to 1880, when gringos grandparents fell in love forever from this land of Sun.

Today, the Vignoni receive tourists for a guided tour of the factory and, if desired, the farm. Delicious tasting complete the offer, ranging from jams to sauces and preserves sweet and savoury gourmet. It is located in the area of La Libertad, and this factory Don Ignacio Olivares receives to the public for a guided tour of its facilities. The firm prides itself on its olive trees, source of the purest raw. Most of them were planted more than 70 years ago. The visit includes tastings and sale of typical foods.

Although the main star, of course, it is pure and delicious extra virgin olive oil. The star? The Gigli, completely organic extra virgin oil line. Family Mansur, owner of the company, is proud of the strength and commitment of parents, immigrants to the country at the beginning of the 20th century and responsible for that beautiful dream is today a wonderful reality. The family business also has vineyards and wineries for wine making. Also in the area of La Libertad is the olive oil factory Enrique Titarelli, another paradise for gourmets that tempts with tastings and typical dishes. Mendocino olive oil is not, without place to doubt, as famous as wines from the province. But increasingly more connoisseurs are attracted by its exquisite quality. Prestigious chefs from all parts of the world are surprised with their excellence, that has nothing to envy to the best-known oils on the planet. It is worth booking a time on our vacation in Mendoza. Jorge Alberto Guinazu accommodations in Mendoza shop online of artisanal canned fish Bodegas with curious names Vinogusto Blog Panasonic GF2 shipping December 3rd in Japan, turning gringos green with envy Front Side Bus Gadget, Technology, and Science News feed RALLYSPRINT CANNED ROSSELLo. Sport Balear wineries of Mendoza contacted importers of Singapore ALSURinforma.